Facing the World with Soul

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Beginning with the myth of Sophia, the Soul of the World, Sardello evokes a sense of the world as filled with her presence. He goes on to suggest that the soul's primary parts--its arts of concentration, meditation, imagination, contemplation--rather than belonging to individual consciousness, constitute a giving over of subjective, personal states to the consciousness that is the soul of the world. He shows how, practicing these arts, we can begin to approach daily life in a new way. The chapters that follow build up a psychology of the world--of architecture, money, the city, medicine, food and technology.


Dr Robert Sardello has been a practicising psychotherapist for over twenty years, working in existential, Jungian and archetypal psychologies. He is the author of Love and the World: A Guide to Conscious Practice and Freeing the Soul from Fear.


'Whatever Sardello touches breaks open with startling new meaning.' -- James Hillman 'This book is a classic. Sardello is one of the few modern thinkers who genuinely sense how to deal with the barrenness of modern life. Facing the World With Soul is recommended for anyone suffering from the spiritual emptiness of our time.' -- Larry Dossey 'There is simply no better guide to the healing of our times.' -- Randolph Severson
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