Computer Ethics and Professional Responsibility

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September 2003



This clear and accessible textbookand its associated website offer a state of the art introduction to the burgeoning field of computer ethics and professional responsibility. Includes discussion of hot topics such as the history of computing; the social context of computing; methods of ethical analysis; professional responsibility and codes of ethics; computer security, risks and liabilities; computer crime, viruses and hacking; data protection and privacy; intellectual property and the "open source" movement; global ethics and the internetIntroduces key issues and concepts at the start of each section, and features classroom-tested study questions, and lists of useful websites and further readingProvides a wealth of relevant case studies, and an easy-to learn case-analysis techniqueIs accompanied by a website, offering sample student answers, additional study questions, example case analyses, and discussion forumsVisit the website at www.southernct.edu/organizations/RCCS/Textbook


Preface and Acknowledgements Foreword: About The Computing Curricula 2001 Guidelines Of Ieee-Cs And Acm Editors' Introduction: Ethics In The Information Age
Part I: What Is Computer Ethics? Introduction: Defining Computer Ethics
1. Reason, Relativity, And Responsibility In Computer Ethics: James H. Moor
2. Unique Ethical Problems In Information Technology: Walter Maner
3. Ethical Decision Making And Case Analysis In Computer Ethics: Terrell Ward Bynum Additional Readings And Web Resources On The Nature Of Computer Ethics
Part II: Professional Responsibility: Introduction To Professional Responsibility
4. Unintentional Power In The Design Of Computing Systems: Chuck Huff
5. Informatics And Professional Responsibility: Donald Gotterbarn
6. The Ethics Of Software Development Project Management: Simon Rogerson Case To Analyze: The London Ambulance Case Additional Readings And Web Resources On Professional Responsibility
Part III: Codes of Ethics: Introduction To Codes Of Ethics
7. No PAPA: Why Incomplete Codes Of Ethics Are Worse Than None At All: N. Ben Fairweather
8. On Licensing Computer Professionals: Donald Gotterbarn Case To Analyze: The Chemco Case Additional Readings And Web Resources On Codes Of Ethics Appendix To
Part III: Example Codes of Ethics The Software Engineering Code Of Ethics IEEE-CS/ACM Joint Task Force On Software Engineering The ACM Code Of Ethics And Professional Conduct Association For Computing Machinery The ACS Code Of Ethics The Australian Computer Society The BCS Code Of Conduct The British Computer Society The IEEE Code Of Ethics The Institute Of Electrical And Electronics Engineers The IMIS Code Of Ethics Institute For The Management Of Information Systems
Part IV: Sample Topics In Computer Ethics: Computer Security Introduction To Computer Security
9. Computer Security And Human Values: Peter G. Neumann
10. Are Computer Hacker Break-Ins Ethical? Eugene H. Spafford Case To Analyze: A Flight Of Fancy At Aero Wright Additional Readings And Web Resources On Computer Security Privacy And Computing Introduction To Privacy And Computing
11. Towards A Theory Of Privacy In The Information Age: James H. Moor
12. Data Protection In A Changing World: Elizabeth France Case To Analyze: A Small Matter Of Privacy Additional Readings And Web Resources On Privacy Computing And Intellectual Property Introduction To Computing And Intellectual Property
13. Proprietary Rights In Computer Software: Deborah G. Johnson
14. Why Software Should Be Free: Richard Stallman Case To Analyze: Free-Range Property Additional Readings And Web Resources On Intellectual Property Global Information Ethics Introduction To Global Information Ethics
15. The Computer Revolution And The Problem Of Global Ethics: Krystyna Gorniak-Kocikowska
16. Giving Offence On The Internet: John Weckert Case To Analyze: A Clever Idea Additional Readings And Web Resources On Global Information Ethics A Final Case To Analyze Case To Analyze: Corner Shop Goes Virtual Bibliography Index
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