Mother Teresa is Dead

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Juni 2002



First new play in six years from author of "The Clearing."


Helen Edmundson's breakthrough play, in 1992, was her award-winning adaptation of Anna Karenina for Shared Experience, for whom she also adapted The Mill on the Floss. Both productions were twice revived and extensively toured. Her adaptation of War and Peace was staged at the National Theatre in 1996. Her 1993 play, The Clearing, was revived by Shared Experience on tour in Spring 2002.


"Anna Karenina: 'Exemplary adaptation... succeeds beyond expectation' The Times The Clearing: 'A finely written play, full of sharp observation' Indie on Sunday 'Edmundson's writing is passionate, poetic, muscular... She is doing for 17th-century Anglo-Irish history what Arthur Miller did for 17th-century New England in The Crucible' Sunday Times The Mill on the Floss: 'More compelling and fully human than the original' The Times War and Peach: 'Sensational... Adapted with exemplary intelligence and flair' Daily Telegraph
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