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This new edition of Cassese's International Law provides a stimulating and authoritative account of international law for undergraduates and postgraduates. It has been fully revised and updated to include all recent developments in the subject, and contains a new chapter on terrorism as well as extensive revision of the section on state responsibility. Providing a comprehensive commentary on international law as a whole, it compares the traditional legalposition with the developing and evolving law in a way that is sensitive to political and economic considerations, as well as including detailed yet accessible examinations of state responsibility and international criminal law. The late Professor Cassese was a leading figure in the field, and this new editiontakes full advantage of his extensive experience to provide a more personal approach to the subject than is typically found in the standard textbook, acting as good intellectual exercise for the stronger student.The late Antonio Cassese was the Editor of the Journal of International Criminal Justice. To read sample articles from the journal visit: www.jicj.oupjournals.org


PART I ORIGINS AND FOUNDATIONS OF THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY ; 1. The Main Legal Features of the International Community ; 2. The Historical Evolution of the International Community ; 3. The Fundamental Principles Governing International Relations ; PART II SUBJECTS OF THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY ; 4. States as the Primary Subjects of International Law ; 5. The Spatial Dimension of State Activities ; 6. Limitations on State Sovereignty: Immunities and Treatment of Individuals ; 7. Other International Legal Subjects ; PART III CREATION AND IMPLEMENTATION OF INTERNATIONAL LEGAL STANDARDS ; 8. International Law Creation: Custom ; 9. Treaties ; 10. Other Lawmaking Processes ; 11. The Hierarchy of Rules: The Role of Jus Cogens ; 12. Implementation of International Rules within National Systems ; PART IV BREACHES OF INTERNATIONAL LAW AND THEIR CONSEQUENCES ; 13. International Wrongful Acts and the Legal Reaction Thereto ; 14. Promoting Compliance with Law and Preventing or Settling Disputes ; 15. Enforcement ; PART V CONTEMPORARY ISSUES IN INTERNATIONAL LAW ; 16. The Role of the United Nations ; 17. UN Sanctions and Collective Security ; 18. Unilateral Resort to Force by States ; 19. The Protection of Human Rights ; 20. Legal Restraints on Violence in Armed Conflict ; 21. Repression of International Crimes ; 22. The International Response to Terrorism ; 23. Protection of the Environment ; 24. Legal Attempts at Narrowing the North-South Gap


Since March 2009, Antonio Cassese has been Judge and President of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon. He is also co-chairman of the working group of experts on Universal Jurisdiction established by the European Union and African Union. Between 1993-2000, he was Judge and President of the UN International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia. Between 1975-2008 he was Professor of International Law, University of Florence and from 1987-93 he was Professor of Law at the European University Institute.
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