Project Management Jumpstart

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April 2003



Prepare for a Project Management Career--Fast!
Project Management JumpStart gives you the solid grounding you need to approach a career in project management with confidence.
* The basic skills of a successful project manager
* Creating project schedules and determining project budgets
* Winning the support of department managers
* Monitoring project progress, resources, and budgets
* Communication and negotiation skills
* Tips for motivating people who don't work for you
* Effective documentation skills for essential project management documents


Chapter 1: Building the Foundation.
Chapter 2: Developing Project Management Skills.
Chapter 3: Initiating the Project.
Chapter 4: Defining the Project Goals.
Chapter 5: Breaking Down the Project Activities.
Chapter 6: Planning and Acquiring Resources.
Chapter 7: Assessing Risk.
Chapter 8: Developing the Project Plan.
Chapter 9: Budgeting 101.
Chapter 10: Executing the Project.
Chapter 11: Controlling the Project Outcome.
Chapter 12: Closing the Books.
Appendix A: Answers to Review Questions.
Appendix B: Sample Project Management Forms.
Appendix C:Sample Project Management Checklists.


Kim Heldman, PMP, has over ten years of project management experience, with a recent emphasis on IT. She is the Applications Development Manager for the Department of Revenue, State of Colorado, and is a 2001 PMI Colorado state chapter delegate.
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