Cycling the River Loire

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Juli 2003



Guide to cycling the entire length of the River Loire. Maps and illustrations throughout.


Stage 1 Orange to Chateauneuf du Pape 28km; Stage 2 Chateauneuf du Pape to St. Martin d'Ardeche 54km; Stage 3 St. Martin d'Ardeche to Les Mazes 44km; Stage 4 Les Mazes to Vals les Bains 44km; Stage 5 Vals les Bains to Le Gerbier de Jonc 39km; Stage 6 Le Gerbier de Jonc to Goudet 54km; Stage 7 Goudet to Le Puy en Velay 33km; Stage 8 Le Puy en Velay to Le Pertuiset 79km; Stage 9 Le Pertuiset to Neulise 77km; Stage 10 Neulise to Marcigny 74km; Stage 11 Marcigny to Gannay sur Loire 82km; Stage 12 Gannay sur Loire to Nevers 57km; Stage 13 Nevers to Sancerre 67km; Stage 14 Sancerre to Briare le Canal 50km; Stage 15 Briare le Canal to St. Benoi;t sur Loire 51km; Stage 16 St. Benoi;t sur Loire to St. Ay sur Loire 59km; Stage 17 St. Ay sur Loire to Blois 65km; Stage 18 Blois to Montlouis sur Loire 68km; Stage 19 Montlouis sur Loire to Montsoreau 86km; Stage 20 Montsoreau to Angers 71km; Stage 21 Angers to Drain 78km; Stage 22 Drain to Savenay 81km; Stage 23 Savenay to St. Nazaire 30km


John Higginson has been a long-distance fell walker for many years. Having been a keen cyclist in his youth, he took up long-distance cycling in Europe when he retired. He has also written The Way of St. James - Le Puy to Santiago, a Cyclists Guide, published by Cicerone in 1999, and The Way of St. Stephen - The Danube Cycleway, published by Cicerone in 2002.
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