Classic Scots Cookery

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Everything from soup to dessert and baking by Scotland's foremost food writer/ broadcaster using the best regional ingredients, and covering traditions like Hogmanay.


Introduction 1. Broths Cock-a-Leekie (Chicken and Leeks) Scotch Broth (Barley and Vegetable) Ham and Lentil Broth Hotch Potch (Spring Vegetable Soup) Spring Nettle Broth Wild Mushroom Soup Orcadian Oatmeal Soup Shetland Reestit Mutton Broth Venison Broth Grouse Soup Cullen Skink (Finnan Haddock Broth) 16 Mussel Broth Partan Bree Dulse Broth 2. Fish and Shellfish Oily Fish: Fried Herring, Mackerel or Trout Fillets in Oatmeal Soused Herring Tatties an' Salt Herrin' Jugged Kipper Grilled Kipper Whole Grilled Mackerel, Herring or Trout in Oatmeal Potted Hot Smoked Mackerel with Lemon Baked Salmon with Dill CONTENTS Seared Salmon Steaks with Rocket Salad White Fish: Fish 'n' Chips Buttered Smokie Finnan an' Poached Egg Smokie Kedgeree Eyemouth Fish Pie Salt White Fish and Potatoes Shellfish: Crab in its Shell Fresh Cooked Lobster Oysters in their Shells Norway and Squat Lobster with Mussels and Scallops Scallops an' Bacon 3. Birds and Game Braised Haunch of Red Deer with Redcurrant Jelly Venison Collops with Sloe Jelly Venison Pasty Roast Young Grouse with Bread Sauce and Berries Roast Pheasant with Tarragon Braised Pheasant with Whisky and Juniper Rabbit an' Onions Bawd Bree Jugged Hare Roast Chicken and Oatmeal Skirlie Chicken Stovies Roast Duck with Fried Potatoes and Oranges Roast Goose with Apple Stuffing 4. Meat Roast Rib of Scotch Beef Mince an' Tatties Mince an' Doughballs Beef Olives and Skirlie Boiled Beef with Carrots and Dumplings Steak and Kidney Pie Grilled Steak and Chips Scotch Beef in French Claret Spiced Beef Roast Rack of Lamb Braised Lamb Shoulder with Carrots Pickled Lamb or Mutton Baked Ham on the Bone Meat Loaf Grilled Black and White Pudding with Ayrshire Bacon and Poached Egg Jellied Tripe Tripe and Onions Haggis Neeps an' Tatties 5. Grains and Vegetables Grains: Oatmeal Porridge Pease Brose Oatmeal Skirlie Sweet Haggis Vegetables: Boiled Floury 'Mealy' Potatoes Chappit (Creamed) Tatties Clapshot and Burnt Onions Rumbledethumps Potato Stovies Roasted Leeks Young Leek Salad Turnip Stovies Glazed Carrots Buttered Kail Roast Root Vegetables 6 Fruits and Puddings Cranachan (Soft Fruit, Cream and Toasted oatmeal) Caledonian Cream Ice Cream and Raspberry sauce Blackcurrant Sorbet Hazelnut Meringue with Cream and Raspberries Raspberries and Meringues Strawberries and Cream with Shortbread Fruit Crumble (apple, plum, gooseberry, rhubarb, blackcurrant, bramble) Morayshire Apple Crumble with Oatmeal Eve's Pudding Apple Dumpling Apple Frushie (Pie) Lemon Meringue Pie Ecclefechan Butter Tart Burnt Cream Whipkull 7. Baking Baking Classics: Oatcakes Beremeal (Barley) Bannocks Shortbread Mixed Grain Mashlum Bannock Oven Scones Cakes and Tea Breads: Vanilla Butter Sponge Date and Walnut Chocolate Loaf Cream Sponge Dundee Cake Fochabers Gingerbread Loaf Sticky Gingerbread Granny Loaf Rock Buns Girdle Baking: Girdle Oatcakes Potato Scones Soda Scones Currant or Sultana Scones Scots Girdle Pancakes (Dropped Scones) and Girdle Crumpets Yeast Baking: Aberdeen Rowies or Butteries Baps Oatmeal Bread Scots Cookies Selkirk Bannock Other Biscuits: Petticoat Tails Balmoral Shortbread Pitcaithly Bannock Parkins Oaties Abernethy Biscuits Almond Biscuits Parlies (Ginger snaps) 8. Sweeties Basic Sugar Boiling Process Tablet Treacle Toffy for Coughs Glessie Gundy Edinburgh Rock Barley Sugar Butterscotch Whisky Fudge Rum Truffles 9. Preserves and Pickles Sweet Preserves: Seville Orange Marmalade (thick cut) Seville Orange Marmalade (thin cut) Fresh Raspberry Conserve Raspberry Jam Strawberry Conserve Strawberry Jam Rum Preserved Berries Bramble Jam Bramble Jelly Blackcurrant and Apple Jam Blackcurrant Jam Plum Jam Rhubarb and Ginger Jam Gooseberry and Elderflower Jam Rowan Jelly Redcurrant Jelly Mint and Apple Jelly with Cinnamon Lemon Curd Candied Fruit or Peel Chutneys, Relishes and Pickles: Green Tomato Chutney Red Tomato Chutney Apple Chutney Plum Chutney Raisin Chutney Creamy Mustard Wholegrain Mustard Horseradish Sauce Green Herb Relish Raspberry Vinegar Spiced Vinegar Pickled Onions Pickled Eggs Spiced Damsons 10. Hogmanay Halloween and Christmas Hogmanay: Hot Toddy/Het Pint Atholl Brose Trifle Clootie Dumpling Black Bun Halloween: Halloween Stapag Halloween cake with charms Christmas: Christmas Pudding Christmas Cake Christmas Cake Marzipan and Icing Mincemeat Mince Pies Mincemeat Cake Measurements Bibliography Index


Catherine Brown is one of Europe's leading food writers and has won the Glenfiddich Regional Food Writer of The Year in 1989 and 1995. She contributes regularly to journals and magazines and is the food correspondent for The Herald. She has presented Scotland's Larder on TV and lives in Perthshire and Wester Ross.


This is THE book that I would definitely recommend for anyone wanting to cook and bake good Scots fair. The recipes are easy to follow especially for beginners. Many of have become staples in my list of menus for guests and family. 5-star review on Amazon
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