International Environmental Law Reports

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Oktober 2001



During the past thirty years attempts have been made to use human rights to achieve environmental objectives, or indeed to contest environmental measures. This volume brings together the relevant decisions from the United Nations, European and Inter-American human rights systems. It provides a summary or note of each case, and includes an invaluable digest of the cases arranged by the human right relied upon. This is an essential reference work for all those interested in human rights and environment.


1. United Nations Human Rights Committee; 2. European Court of Human Rights; 3. Selected extracts from judgments of the European Court of Human Rights; 4. Selected decisions and reports of the European Commission of Human Rights; 5. Inter-American commission on human rights.


'... the collection will be a very useful additional source of reference, providing ready access to a developing jurisprudence on the use of human rights-based arguments to secure environmental protection.' Maurice Sunkin, Law Quarterly Review
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