Man and Wife

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Dezember 2003



New in paperback from the leading light of lad-lit, following the million-selling "Man & Boy". Can be read as a sequel or as a stand-alone read. Alongside Nick Hornby, one of the most popular writers for male readers in the current UK market. Will be backed by a high-profile marketing campaign.


Tony Parsons is the author of Man and Boy , winner of the Book of the Year prize. His subsequent novels - One For My Baby, Man and Wife, The Family Way, Stories We Could Tell and My Favourite Wife - were all bestsellers. He lives in London.


Praise for Man and Boy: 'Wistful, touching and funny, it looks back at the glory days of the family without losing hope for the future. In the end, it is a deeply touching book: a love letter to a son from his father, and to a father from his son' Mail on Sunday 'One of the finest books published this year! Hilarious and tear-jerking in turns' Express Praise for One for my Baby: One for my Baby! covers almost the entire spectrum of human emotion with the same combination of self-deprecating humour and well-intentioned bafflement that endeared Man and Boy to millions of readers.' The Observer 'One For My Baby is stylish, polished, complex and it really gets its teeth into the big issues of sex, love, family and friendship.' The Mirror More praise for Man and Boy: 'Parsons has written a sharp, witty and wise book straight from his heart. His characters are all nitty-gritty, bounce-off-the-page, real people; his dialogue is brilliant' Daily Mail 'A touching novel! full of quiet tenderness, and written from the heart' Independent More praise for One for my Baby: 'Parsons pays eloquent testimony to the dignity, courage and humour of the old and dying, and the way small acts of kindness can give birth to saving grace. He makes the reader care.' Independent on Sunday
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