Travels with the Flea

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Hunter S. Thompson meets Byron, by one of travel-writing's consummate literary originals travelling the world with his little dog, Flea.


Acknowledgements ix Foreword by Roger Hubank xi Introduction The Familiar as Strange, The Strange as Familiar xiii Travels with a Harley 1 Riding in America before the fall Small Worlds 28 Green Gables, Red Earth Landing Sheep on Caher Island A Place Apart Cityscapes 45 That's the way it is when you're in Seattle Piece de Resistance Varanasi in Darkness and Light Propositioned in Portland Cool in Montreal Arctic Fractals 71 Watching narwhal on the Brodeur Peninsula The Franklin Graves on Beechey Island Arctic State of Mind Changing Places 87 Cuba: Confronting the Negative Downtown Hungary The Valleys In the Hide of the Lion 'While everybody knelt to pray / The drifter did escape' Bolivian Journey Meetings with Remarkable Creatures 133 The Wolf and the Goose Whale-watching at Tadoussac Befriending the Raven Fellow Travellers 153 Resident Alien Drinking with Dervla Nature's Intimate Comedian on the Tracks Flibbertigibbet prose-writer Eastings 180 Gaspe The Cow's Mouth Fragments of Paradise Travels with The Flea 203 Through Wales on six legs Postscript 'An absence bounding at our side ...' 309


Jim Perrin is one of Britain's foremost travel and mountain writers. He has won the Boardman Tasker Award for Mountain Literature twice. He ecently moved to Ariege in France where he continues to contribute to the British national press.


'Jim Perrin is an alchemist. He takes the base metal of his own experience and, in retorts fuelled by the power of his observation and skill with language, transmutes it into prose that coruscates with spirit and meaning.' Jamie Jauncey, the Scotsman 'Jim Perrin, Britain's finest outdoor essayist, has won popular admiration for his funny, furious, erudite, beautiful style.' Robert Macfarlane, Guardian Review 6th December, 2003
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