Highway Robbery: Transportation, Racism & New Routes to Equity

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Januar 2009



Firmly places transportation equity at the center of the ongoing civil rights struggle for equal opportunity.


Acknowledgments; Foreword by US Congressman John Lewis; Introduction; Robert D. Bullard; 1 The Anatomy of Transportation Racism; Robert D. Bullard; 2 Los Angeles Bus Riders Derail the MTA; Eric Mann; 3 Dismantling Transit Racism in Metro Atlanta; Robert D. Bullard, Glenn S. Johnson, and Angel O. Torres; 4 Burying Robert Moses's Legacy in New York City; Omar Freilla; 5 Transportation Choices in the San Francisco Bay Area; Stuart Cohen and Jeff Hobson; 6 Transit Activism in Steel Town, USA; Brian Nogrady and Ayanna King; 7 The Baltimore Transit Riders League; Amy Menzer and Caroline Harmon; 8 Just Transportation; Nancy Jakowitsch and Michelle Ernst; 9 Building Transportation Equity into Smart Growth; Robert D. Bullard, Glenn S. Johnson, and Angel O. Torres; Appendix of Acronyms; Glossary of Terms; Principles of Environmental Justice; Selected Bibliography; Resource Organizations; Video Resources; About the Editors and Contributors; Index


Robert Bullard's Dumping in Dixie and Confronting Environmental Racism were seminal works in the establishment of Environmental Justice as a movement and an academic field.

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