The Rape Recovery Handbook: Step-By-Step Help for Survivors of Sexual Assault

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Oktober 2003



A woman is raped in this country every two minutes; this guide provides an effective framework for victims to heal from the experience.


As a specialist in post-traumatic stress disorder, Aphrodite Matsakis, Ph.D., has counseled thousands of clients ranging from combat veterans to victims of crime and abuse and other traumatic events. She conducts a private psychotherapy practice specializing in post-traumatic stress disorder and child abuse.


"In her latest book, the" Rape Recovery Handbook", Matsakis has again demonstrated a unique level of compassion and concern for rape victims and their capacity for healing. While guiding her reader gently through numerous exercises specially designed for maximum effect, Dr. Matsakis provides illumination into thought processes that often trap victims into believing that they are beyond hope. Gentle, empathetic advice, along with a sincere belief that rape victims can restore their self-esteem and become rap survivors living full, joyful lives, make this book indispensable to both victim and therapist alike!" --Teresa Lauer, MA, RapeRecovery.com
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