With Courage and Common Sense: Memoirs from the Older Women's Legacy Circles

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November 2003



"Much of the time our society stereotypes and dismisses old women as ridiculous, troublesome, irrelevant, and (worst of all) boring. These memoirs contradict the assumptions. The women who wrote them have experienced solid, hearty lives, with a characteristic vitality enduring into old age."--from the Foreword by Liz CarpenterWomen who were sixty or older at the turn of the twenty-first century have lived through some of recent history's most momentous moments--and yet these women often believe that their personal lives and stories are insignificant, not worthy of being recorded for future generations. To change that perception and capture some of these life stories before they are lost, the Story Circle Network, a national organization dedicated to helping women write about their lives, developed the Older Women's Legacy (OWL) Circle Memoir Workshops. During the first two years of the project (1998-2000), nearly 500 older women participated in workshops that offered them the opportunity and encouragement to reflect on and create written records of their lives. With Courage and Common Sense presents an extensive selection of memoirs from the OWL Circle project. Organized thematically, they describe women's experiences of identity, place, work, family life, love and marriage, loss and healing, adventures great and small, major historical events, and legacies to keep and pass along. Taken as a whole, the memoirs chronicle far-reaching changes in the ways that women participated in the world during the twentieth century. They show how women learned to surmount obstacles, to courageously make the most of the opportunities that came their way, and to move quietly and wisely beyond the limitsthat were imposed upon them.


Foreword by Liz Carpenter Acknowledgments Introduction Chapter One. Identity: I Am Not Always the Same Person Daughter Gayle Hunt A Woman Named Billie Billie Grace Herring My Mother's Daughter Katherine Koonce My Father's Daughter Jo Scudder A Story about Who I Am Ruby Johnston All the Things I Am Williene Story I Am Not Always the Same Person Marilyn Zimmerman Going to School Oma Gillis A European Youth Erika Eden Girls Just Didn't Go to College Gayle Hunt A Lover of Back Roads Martha Knies Gifts That I Chose for Myself Selah Rose Chapter Two. Home: I Was Born in East Texas I Was Born in East Texas ... Helen G. Burton How My Mother Got Her Washing Machine Janie Kirkpatrick Keeping House for My Mother Betty Martin Courage and Little Else Helen Ibbotson Chores, Chores, Endless Chores Mary Lou Morgette A Lesson for Young Brides Oleta Cates Horses, Friends, and Cleaning Out the Stalls Sarah McKinney Aunt Hattie's House Janice Wilkins Finding Home Grace B. Schmitt Chapter Three. Work: Making Something That Lasted Making Something That Lasted Kathryn Doggett God Had Given Me a Brain Gayle Hunt Making My Own Way Erma Hiltpold Clerking in My Dad's General Store Pat Simmons "I'm Doing the Best I Can" Patricia Gunderlach District 23, Speedway School Rose Vrba Southern Belle: A Full-Time Job Marthanne Luzader A Fitting Job Mathilda Mimun Cattle Drive Erin Colleen Moore The Autoclave Lavern Crawford My Navy Career Joan H. Crews An Office in the Courthouse Margaret C. Long Things Began to Change Faye L. Kelly My Silver Star Billie Grace Herring Just an Old Hooker Lois Earley Granny's Biscuits Sue Kinney Chapter Four. Family: Grandmother and the Pirates Grandmother and the Pirates Eula Rae McCown My Father and the Value of Money Bonnie Knipp Nanoo Carole Burke Grandma Maggie Helman Joann Bynum My Mother and the Pigeons Martha Knies An Unexpected Meeting Patricia Lyon William and the Outhouse Martha Brian My Brother Ray Kathryn Doggett Aminta Amparo Gonzalez We All Loved Each Other Bertie W. Wright Lillian Francys Shliff Rosy Ruby Varnon Bishop Chapter Five. Love: 'Til We Meet Again 'Til We Meet Again Sherlie Hurwitz Love Letters Nadeane Walker Anderson Those Golden Days at Graceland Katherine Koonce How My Life Changed Amparo Gonzalez To Do As I Pleased Minnie Ree Baccus A Keepsake Penny, and Love Refound Eula Rae McCown "Hey, Maud Farkle ..." Paula Stephens-Bishop Do You Believe in Fate? Evelyn Simon "I Will Promise You a Rose Garden" Val Jean Schmidt Chapter Six. Loss: The Strength to Survive The Lost Shoes Alice M. Short The Day My Childhood Died Ruby Varnon Bishop When Daddy Died Ruby A. Taylor The Strength to Survive Sarah Lichtman Teddy Jean Wyllys Changing Places Joyce A. Dehlin Renee Irene Luedke The Day Grandma Died Sidna Leavenworth "I Should Have Cried" Lucy A. Boyea Losing Martha Bobbye Jo Barker When I Think of Grace ... Jeanie Forsyth Chapter Seven. Living Fully: I Still Had My Two Dollars Decoration Day, Fairy Tales, and the Ice Cream Wagon Oma Gillis I Still Had My Two Dollars Marji Smith Baseball Fever Jane R. Peppard The Best Christmas Mary G. Warren Inside a Prism Ruby Varnon Bishop My Bonneville Convertible Pauline Carey Kyky the Elephant Margaret F. Shive Outward Bound Jeanie Forsyth The Happiest Day of My Life Erma Hiltpold The Day My Daughter Walked Mary Holder I Felt like a Queen Lorene B. Laird A Summer with Granny Rylee Pat Williamson Chapter Eight. Witness: Ordinary Lives, Extraordinary Events Remembering War Mathilda Mimun Holocaust Survivor Sarah Lichtman "Where Is Pearl Harbor?" Lavern Crawford December 7, 1941 Jean Leonard How Would I Measure Up under Fire? Eileen C. Titus Rommel's Hannibal Connection Janine M. Koch Not a Dry Eye in the House Patricia J. Click When the Americans Came Jean Wyllys The Day Roosevelt Died Bobbye Jo Barker An Army Wife in Postwar Germany Faye L. Kelly An Ordinary Day: An Extraordinary Event Wanda Heath Terror: The Day MLK Died Louise Kent When the Russians Invaded Czechoslovakia Dolores R. Muhich Four Joyful Days Agatha Barbay Chapter Nine. Legacies: "I Wish You Could Have Known My Grandma" Family Books, Family Treasures Helen Burnette The Tapestry Bobbye Jo Barker My Grandmother's Dress Joyce A. Dehlin My Mother's Ring Mathilda Mimun My Keepsake Quilt Mary Lou Morgette The Legacy of the Two Lauras Sue Kinney Mama's Writings Irene Luedke The Other Side of Fifty Betty Poe Howard A Letter to a Young Person Marthanne Luzader "I Wish You Could Have Known My Grandma" Evelyn Simon Biographical Notes About Story Circle Network
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