Healing with the Mind's Eye: How to Use Guided Imagery and Visions to Heal Body, Mind, and Spirit

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The classic guide to healing through guided imagery-available in paper for the first time!Michael Samuels is one of the worlds leading experts on healing through creative imagery. In this remarkable book, he reveals how anyone can enhance healing by letting images connect us with the world and realign mind, body, and spirit. Dr. Samuels offers the same program that he uses in his nationally successful workshops, guiding readers through a series of mental exercises that not only produce profound psychological insight but can create a transformation that effects physiological changes in the body. Filled with inspiring, beautifully written stories of people whose lives have been improved through guided imagery, this book is required reading for anyone with cancer, AIDS, multiple sclerosis, heart disease, or other serious illnesses.Michael Samuels, MD (Bolinas, CA), has used guided imagery with cancer patients for over twenty-five years. He lectures and does workshops nationwide for patients, physicians, and nurses. Dr. Samuels is the author of sixteen previous books, including Shaman Wisdom, Shaman Healing (0-471-41820-X) and Spirit Body Healing (0-471-17674-5).


Preface. Acknowledgments. PART ONE: JOY AND DELIGHT-AH-H. Introduction-Happiness, Health, and the Healing Spirit. 1. The Awakening. 2. The Vehicle: Reverie States. 3. The Journey: Attitudes and Personal Myths. 4. Inner Guides: Helping Figures. PART TWO: HEALING IN THE SACRED SPACE-AWE. 5. The Light. 6. The Vision. 7. The Image. 8. The Power: Spiritual Transformation. Notes. Bibliography. Index.


Michael Samuels, M.D., has used guided imagery with cancer patients for more than twenty-five years. His previous books include Spirit Body Healing, The Path of the Feather, Creative Healing, and Shaman Wisdom, Shaman Healing.
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