Aeschylus: Eumenides

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Dezember 1989



Text with translation, commentary and notes. (Aris and Phillips 1989)


Introduction. I. The Myth before Aeschylus; Cult of the Semnai; Early conceptions of the Erinyes; II. Staging; The design of the early theatre; The staging of Eumenides; III. Philosophy and Politics; IV. Influence; Ancient literature; Ancient art; The Myth in later literature and music; V. The Eumenides and its place in the work of Aeschylus; Dike (Justice) in The Oresteia; The moral of the trilogy; VI. The text and its transmission. Parallel Greek Text and English Translation. Commentary. Appendices. I. Athenian judicial procedure as reflected in the trial scene; II. Athena's vote; III. The choral metres.


Anthony Podlecki is a retired Professor of Classics at the University of British Columbia in Canada and in 1999 held a visiting post as lecturer in Classics at Swarthmore College, Pennsylvania. He is the author of numerous studies in archaic and classical Greek history and literature. He has published translations of Euripides' Medea (2nd ed. 1998) and Aeschylus' The Persians (revised 1991). He is the author of Perikles and his Circle (Routledge, 1998). A revised version of his study The Political Background of Aeschylean Tragedy has recently appeared (Bristol Classical Press, 1999).

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