The Top 100 Recipes from "Ready Steady Cook"

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September 2003



This volume features 100 of the best recipes from the BBC's popular television series, and equally popular chefs. It features chefs such as Ross Burden, James Martin, Nick Nairn, Paul Rankin, Tony Tobin, Brian Turner, Phil Vickery, Lesley Waters, Kevin Woodford, Anthony Worrall Thompson, and of course, Ainsley Harriott. The book is packed with dishes that reflect the energy and freshness of the show, and healthy-eating recipes are highlighted.


One of the nation's all-time favourite television chefs, Ainsley Harriott has become a much-loved face on our screens as the presenter of Ready Steady Cook and several other series. His recipe books have sold a total of 2 million copies worldwide and include the Feel-Good Cookbook, Ainsley's Barbecue Bible, Meals in Minutes, Low-fat Meals in Minutes, All New Meals in Minutes, Big Cook Out, the Friends and Family Cookbook and Just Five Ingredients.
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