Robert Burns the Lassies

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April 2005



The definitive compilation of songs and poems about the women in Burns' short life.


Nelly Kilpatrick

O, Once I Lov'd

Peggy Thomson

Song, Composed in August

Lines Written to an Old Sweetheart

Agnes Fleming

My Nanie, O.

Isabella Steven

O Tibbie, I Hae Seen the Day


The Rigs O' Barley



Alison Begbie

The Lass o' Cessnock Banks

Montgomerie's Peggy

Montgomerie's Peggy

Mary Morison

Mary Morison

Jean and Anna Ronald

The Ronalds o' the Bennals

The Belles o' Mauchline

The Belles o' Mauchline

All Girls

O Leave Novels

All Women

Green Grow the Rashes

Elizabeth Paton

My Girl She's Airy

The Fornicator

Epistle to John Rankine (extract)

His Daughter Bess

Welcome to a Bastart Wean

The Vision (extract)

Margaret Kennedy

Young Peggy


The Cotter's Saturday Night (extract)

Wilhelmina Alexander

The Bonie Lass o' Ballochmyle

Mary Campbell

My Highland Lassie, O

To Mary in Heaven

Will Ye Go to the Indies, My Mary?

Highland Mary

Susan Logan

To Miss Logan

Mrs Elizabeth Scott

To The Guidwife of Wauchope Hall

Isabella MacLeod

To Miss Isabella MacLeod

Raving Winds Around Her Blowing

On Reading in a Newspaper, the Death of John MacLeod, Esq.

Rachel Ainslie

Lines to Miss Ainslie

Jane Ferrier

To Miss Ferrier


Yon Wild Mossy

Lady Onlie

Lady Onlie

Euphemia Murray

Blythe, Blythe and Merry Was She

Margaret Chalmers

My Peggy's Face

Where Braving Angry Winter's Storms

Charlotte Hamilton

The Banks of the Devon
Clementina Walkinshaw

The Bonie Lass of Albanie
Nancy McLehose (Clarinda)

Answer to Clarinda

Sylvander to Clarinda

Revision for Clarinda

Clarinda, Mistress of My Soul

To Clarinda (with a present of a pair of wine glasses)

Gloomy December

Ae Fond Kiss

Behold the Hour, the Boat Arrive

Anne Stewart

Anna, Thy Charms

Jean Armour

I Love My Jean

O, Were I on Parnassus Hill
The Northern Lass

It is Na, Jean, Thy Bonie Face

O, Wat Ye Wha's in Yon Town?

Their Groves o' Sweet Myrtle

Helen Irvine

Where Helen Lies

Jeany Cruikshank

A Rosebud By My Early Walk

To Miss Cruikshank
Peggy Alison

An' I'll Kiss Thee Yet

O Mally's Meek, Mally's Sweet

Eliza Johnston

To the Beautiful Miss Eliza Johnston

Jean Jaffray

The Blue-Eyed Lassie

Whistle O'er the Lave O't

The Silver Tassie

Mrs Oswald

Ode, Sacred to the Memory of Mrs Oswald of Auchencruive
Mrs Frances Anna Dunlop

Sketch, New-Year's Day to Mrs Dunlop

On Sensibility


Afton Water

The Five Carlins

The Five Carlins

Margaret Burns

To the Memory of the Unfortunate Miss Burns
Written Under the
Picture of the Celebrated Miss Burns

Tibbie Dunbar

Tibbie Dunbar

Ann Masterton

Beware o' Bonie Ann
Eppie Adair

Eppie Adair

Mrs Sutherland

Scots Prologue for Mrs Sutherland's Benefit Night
Mary Queen of Scots

Lament of Mary Queen of Scots on the Approach of Spring

Anna Park

The Gowden Locks of Anna

Eliza Burnet

A Fragment

Deborah Duff Davies

Lovely Davies

Bonie Wee Thing

Epigram on Miss Davies
Lesley Baillie

O Saw Ye Bonie Lesley

Blythe Hae I Been on Yon Hill


What Can a Young Lassie Do Wi' an Auld Man
Eppie McNab

Eppie McNab

Bessy and Her Spinning-wheel
Bessy and Her Spinning-wheel

Mistress Jean

My Collier Laddie

The Shepherd's Wife

The Shepherd's Wife
Fair Eliza

Fair Eliza


The Posie

Willie's Wife

Sic a Wife as Willie Had
Lady Mary Ann

My Bonie Laddie's Young
But He's Growin Yet
Bonie Bell

Bonie Bell

Miss Fontenelle

On Seeing Miss Fontenelle in a Favourite Character

The Rights of Woman
Jean Lorimer (Chloris)

Poortith Cauld

Whistle and I'll Come to Ye, My Lad

Come Let Me Take Thee
Thine Am I, My Chloris Fair

To Chloris

On Chloris Requesting Me to Give Her a Spray of a Sloe-Thorn in Full Blossom

On hearing Chloris Being Ill

'Twas Na Her Bonie Blue E'e

Mark Yonder Pomp

Forlorn My Love, No Comfort Here

O, Bonie Was Yon Rosy Brier

Jessie Staig

Young Jessie

To Dr Maxwell, On Miss
Jessie Staig's Recovery

Maria Riddell

Farewell, Thou Stream

To Maria

Epigram Pinned to Mrs Riddell's Carriage

Monody on Maria

The Epitaph

Fragment - Epistle from Esopus to Maria

Meg o' the Mill

Ken Ye What Meg o' the Mill Has Gotten

Jean McMurdo

Bonie Jean


Phillis the Fair

Adown Winding Nith

Allan Water


Down The Burn, Davie

Fair Jenny

Anne Graham

To Miss Graham of Fintry
Lady Elizabeth Heron

The Banks of Cree


Song Altered From an Old English One


Philly and Willy


Canst Thou Leave Me Thus, My Katy


My Nanie's Awa

Jeany Scott

Epigram on Miss Jean Scott

The Lass o' Inverness

The Lovely Lass o' Inverness

Jessy Lewars

Here's a Health to Ane I Lo'e Dear

The Menagerie

The Toast

Jessy's Illness

Her Recovery



Index of First Lines


George Scott Wilkie became a fan of Burns as a Leith schoolboy and has retained his passion for the bard throughout adult life. He is retired and lives near Cambridge.

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