Moral Capitalism: Reconciling Private Interest with the Public Good

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November 2003



Moral Capitalism is based on the Caux Round Table (CRT) Principles for Business, a code of ethics that sets consistent and attainable worldwide guidelines for how business can behave responsibly and ethically. The book shows readers how to manage market capitalism and globalization for economic and social justice and fairness, in the process improving individual lives and communities. Author Stephen Young argues that "brute capitalism" - profit-seeking regardless of effects - must give way to moral capitalism to attain widespread monetary and moral well-being. Emphasizing a cross-cultural perspective that draws on Chinese and Japanese philosophies of selflessness, Young links moral aspirations to practical, day-to-day guidelines for a profitable approach to business that is also ethical, resulting in the public good.


The value pyramid; moral capitalism and brutish capitalism; the Caux Roundtable's seven principles for business; responsibilities to customers; responsibilities to employees; responsibilities to owners and investors; responsibilities to suppliers; responsibilities to competitors; responsibilities to communities; how moral capitalism creates wealth and ends poverty - principles for responsible government; a practical route to leadership for moral capitalism.
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