Calvin and the Consolidation of the Genevan Reformation

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Juli 2003



This book chronicles the history of the Protestant Reformation in sixteenth century Geneva under the leadership of John Calvin and is the best modern study of the Genevan Reformation available. The narrative of this work is enhanced by twenty-seven tables of extensive statistical data and eleven prosopographical appendices drawn from the author's extensive studies in the Geneva archives. His work shows the challenges faced by Calvin and his associates as they sought to proclaim and enact their Christian faith in a Genevan society that was facing severe problems with the influx of refugees from all over Europe.


William G. Naphy is Professor of History at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland. He is a well-known scholar of the Protestant Reformation in Geneva and the author of numerous articles.


"This stunning book is now rightly acknowledged as the most original contribution to Calvin scholarship in thirty years. Drawing on archives and sources scarcely considered in much of the established literature, it paints a picture of the great reformer that is both subtle and challenging. This book offers by far the most convincing explanation of why Calvin was such a contentious figure in Geneva, as well as why he ultimately triumphed."
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