Individual Differences in Second Language Learning

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Understanding the way in which learners differ from one another is of fundamental concern to those involved in second-language acquisition, either as researchers or teachers. This account is the first book-length review of the important research into differences, considering matters such as aptitude, motivation, learner strategies, personality, and interaction between learner characteristics and types of instruction.


Theoretical foundations; methodological considerations; language aptitude; motivation; language learning strategies; additional cognitive and affective influences on language learning; interactions; conlusions and implications.


The book is recommended for various reasons: it is easy to read and very well documented; a critical account of a wide range of ID studies is given; applications for classroom research are suggested, a factor which enhances its relevancy to language teachers; many suggestions are given for further research. Second Language Research Overall, Skehan provides us with a very thoughtful, incisive, and provocative review and synthesis of the research on individual differences, with many useful suggestions for further work in this area which, if taken up as they should be, will surely cure the general state of neglect in which the author finds this important area of second language research. Applied Linguistics The breadth of approach and accessibility of this...introductory text make it a strong candidate to capture the lecturers' recommended lists and the minds of their students. Personality and Individual Differences The breath of approach and accessibility of this new introductory text make it a strong candidate to capture the lectures' recommended lists and the minds of their students. Personality And Individual Differences
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