Cellaring Wine: Managing Your Wine Collection...to Perfection

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Oktober 2003



"Cellaring Wine gives readers the information they need to develop a system to enjoy wine as it's meant to be enjoyed: matured to excellence. The home wine cellar is more than a building project--rather, it is a working system of selecting wines that will age, laying them down properly, and drinking them whey they reach their glorious fulfillment.


a simple, pleasant guidebook Cheerful, cartoon illustrations and easy language demystify the project and can make you a co-creator of great wine. "The Wine News" Even if a real wine cellar is a dim vision in your architectural future, this book offers something for you right now: encouragement and good, hard information. "San Antonio Express-News" "" Loaded with expert information, this volume is as accessible to novice wine collectors as it is educational for serious oenophiles seeking to house an extensive array of vintages. "Publishers Weekly Online" "" A thoughtful, easy-to-follow, and explicit guide, "Cellaring Wine" is confidently recommended for dedicated and aspiring wine connoisseurs. "Library Bookwatch" "" practical advice that will enable you to easily oversee the construction of a wine cellar large or small. "San Diego Union-Tribune" "" Cox shares 30 years of wine-collecting wisdom "Northwest Palate"
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