Chaos: A Mathematical Introduction

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Mai 2003



This text presents concepts on chaos in discrete time dynamics that are accessible to anyone who has taken a first course in undergraduate calculus. Retaining its commitment to mathematical integrity, the book, originating in a popular one-semester middle level undergraduate course, constitutes the first elementary presentation of a traditionally advanced subject.


Preface; 1. Making predictions; 2. Mappings and orbits; 3. Periodic orbits; 4. Asymptotic orbits I: linear and affine mappings; 5. Asymptotic orbits II: differentiable mappings; 6. Families of mappings and bifurcations; 7. Graphical composition, wiggly iterates and zeros; 8. Sensitive dependence; 9. Ingredients of chaos; 10. Schwarzian derivatives and 'woggles'; 11. Changing coordinates; 12. Conjugacy; 13. Wiggly iterates, Cantor sets and chaos; Index.


'The tone, pace and level of the book are nicely judged for middle level undergraduates studying mathematics. The authors' friendly style, and the fact that the material has been developed from taught courses make the book ideal for self-study, and as a prelude to reading extensive treatments of chaos theory.' The Mathematical Gazette '... presented in such a form that it is accessible to anyone who has taken an undergraduate calculus course ... This textbook is highly recommended for a one semester undergraduate introduction to chaos theory.' Acta Sci. Math.
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