Roots of Hate

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William I. Brustein provides a systematic comparative and empirical examination of anti-Semitism in Europe before the Holocaust. Brustein studies the evolution of the four principal roots of anti-Semitism--religious, racial, economic, and political--and demonstrates how these roots became ignited in the decades before the Holocaust. The book explains the epidemic rise of modern anti-Semitism, societal differences in anti-Semitism, and how anti-Semitism varies from other forms of prejudice. The book draws upon an extensive body of data from Europe's leading newspapers and the American Jewish Year Book.


1. Introduction: roots of hate: anti-Semitism in Europe before the Holocaust; 2. The religious root; 3. The racial root; 4. The economic root; 5. The political root; Conclusion.


"...[a] remarkably well-balanced study...mature scholarship, accessible to general readers and illuminating for specialists. Highly recommended." -Choice "Roots of Hate's most obvious strength is the wide scope of the comparison it offers." -Lisa Moses Leff, Southwestern University, An Interdisciplinary Journal of Jewish Studies "Roots of Hate demonstrates that the Holocaust is an appropriate, indeed necessary, topic for rigorous mainstream comparative historical sociology...and that rigorous comparative historical sociology has much to add to the discourse. Roots of Hate is thus a major event for the field." -Jeffrey K. Olick, University of Virginia, American Journal of Sociology
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