Shakespeare's Comedies

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This "Guide" introduces students to critical writing on Shakespeare's comedies over the last four centuries. Guides students through four centuries of critical writing on Shakespeare's history plays. Covers both significant early views and recent critical interventions. Substantial editorial material links the articles and places them in context. Annotated suggestions for further reading allow students to investigate further.


Preface Acknowledgements 1 The Development of Criticism of Shakespeare's Comedies 2 Genre Marriage as Comic Closure False Immortality in Measure for Measure 3 Language Here Follows Prose Transfer of Title in Love's Labour's Lost 4 Gender and Sexuality Helena's Bed-trick The Homoerotics of Shakespearian Comedy 5 History and Politics Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? Bottom's Up 6 Performance Kate: Interpreting the Silence As You Like It Index


Emma Smith is Fellow of Hertford College and Lecturer in English at Oxford University. Her publications include "Thomas Kyd: The Spanish Tragedie" (ed. 1998) and "Shakespeare in Production: Henry V "(2000).


"clearly designed to make friendly that enormous and daunting edifice of Shakespeare criticism. [...] extremely helful historical and generic overviews" THES [and talking about all three books together:] "Altogether, either as the source of critical thinking or as reference guides and bibliographies, these volumes will prove convenient and interesting as auhtoritatively conducted tours of their domains." THES
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