Too Much, Too Little, Just Right

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August 2003



Psychologist, Dr. Kelly Bennett, has often been approached with these concerns by people coming to him for guidance. In meeting their needs, he became increasingly frustrated with how long the therapeutic process took. In order to facilitate change and save his clients both time and money, he developed "The Tool" found in this book. Using The Tool, clients saw how they fit into the whole picture of their situation, and because of this, change could begin immediately. Success was so great--not only because it was fast, but because it was easy--that he shared it with friends and acquaintances. He found it to be as effective outside of therapy as it was in therapy. Dr Bennett says: "To my very pleasant surprise, people who used The Tool not only improved and achieved their goals, but went on to demonstrate transformation in their lives that was beyond what was expected, and was highly beneficial."

You will learn:
. How to stop extreme behavior and start balanced living
. How to stop making bad choices and start making great choices
. How to change your relationship with fear
. How to see beyond life as it is, to life as it can be

Dr. Bennett was born and raised in Los Angeles, and graduated with a BS in Astronautical Engineering (UCLA), an MS in Clinical Psychology (CSULA), and a PhD in Psychology and Education (UCLA). He also attended Princeton Theological Seminary for in-depth Biblical and Language Studies. His teaching experience has been in both American and Australian Universities, at the graduate and undergraduate levels. During his 35 years in practice, Dr. Bennett has had the privilege of addressing the concerns of hundreds of individuals, couples and families of all ages. In addition, he has consulted in the United States, China, Fiji, and Australia, with more than 75 business organizations and government agencies, including the Australian Department of Defense and the NSW Premier's Office.
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