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Dublin, the 1960s. After Da's funeral, Charlie returns to his childhood home only to find his father's ghost stubbornly unwilling to leave the house or his son's mind. As the events of Charlie's youth and Da's troubled relationship with Mother are replayed, we discover the darkly comic, bittersweet relationship that existed between father and son. A beguiling play about a son's need to come to terms with his father and himself"in a class with the best of Sean O'Casey.--"The New York Times" Da won Best Play in the Tony Awards on Broadway Published to tie in with the revival of the play at the Abbey Theatre, Dublin in July 2002 Hugh Leonard is one of Ireland's best-loved playwrights Hugh Leonard is an award-winning playwright, screenwriter and novelist. His plays include the Tony Award-winning Da (1973) and Tony-nominated A Life (1979). Other plays include A Leap in the Dark (1957), A Walk on the Water (1960), The Saints Go Cycling In (1965), The Au Pair Man (1968), the Patrick Pearse Motel (1971) and Time Was (1976). Other works include the screenplays for TV adaptations of "Great Expectations," "Nicholas Nickleby," "The Moonstone," "Wuthering Heights" and "Good Behaviour." His novelisation of his 4-part drama "Parnell and the Englishwoman" (BBC) won the 1992 Sagittarius Award. He has published two volumes of autobiography, "Home Before Night" and "Out After Dark" as well as his novel "A Wild People."


"A beguiling play about a son's need to come to terms with his father and himself. In a class with the best of Sean O'Casey."--"The New York Times"
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