Practical Interfacing in the Laboratory

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This practical text describes how to use a desk-top computer to monitor and control laboratory experiments. Stephen Derenzo clearly explains how to design electronic circuits and write computer programs to sense, analyze and display real-world quantities, including displacement, temperature, force, sound, light, and biomedical potentials. He includes numerous laboratory exercises and appendices that provide practical information on microcomputer architecture and interfacing, including complete circuit diagrams and component lists. A very basic knowledge of electronics is assumed, making the book ideal for college-level laboratory courses and for practicing engineers and scientists.


Preface; 1. Digital tools; 2. Analog tools; 3. Analog-digital conversion and sampling; 4. Sensors and actuators; 5. Data analysis and control; Appendix A. Grounding and shielding; Appendix B. Experimental uncertainties; Appendix C. C programming hints; Appendix D. Numerical methods and C functions; Appendix E. Summary of data translation DT3010 PCI plug-in board; Appendix F. Using the digital oscilloscope to record waveforms; Appendix G. Electrical hazards and safety; Appendix H. Standard resistor and capacitor values; Appendix I. Ascii character codes; Appendix J. Glossary; Index.


STEPHEN E. DERENZO is Professor-in-Residence in the Department of electrical Engineering and computer Sciences at UC Berkeley and a Senior Scientist at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. He has been teaching courses on electronic circuits, electronic transducers, and microcomputer interfacing for over 15 years and this book was developed from those courses. He has authored and co-authored over 150 technical publictions, was awarded the 1992 annual Merit Award of the Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society of IEEE, and is a Fellow of the IEEE.


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