The Lost Message of Jesus

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Februar 2004



A fresh look at Jesus that will stir thoughtful debate, pose new questions and hopefully create a deeper understanding of Jesus and his message.


Steve Chalke, MBE, is the founder of the Oasis Trust, Oasis Media, and Oasis Community Learning, charitable operations that address a broad range of needs. He also founded Parentalk, an organisation dedicated to inspiring and equipping parents; and the Faithworks Movement, created to build the most effective social action network in the UK. Chalke is the senior minister of Christ Church & Upton, now known as Church.co.uk, Waterloo, London. A part of Oasis, the church aims to remain open around the clock as the physical hub for a steadily growing global virtual community. Chalke was awarded an MBE in the New Year's Honours List 2004 for his services to social inclusion. He has presented his own television series for ITV and BBC as well as a regular show on Radio 4. He writes monthly columns for Prima Baby and Christianity magazine, and is the author of over thirty books. He and his wife, Cornelia, have four children. Alan Mann is a freelance writer, researcher and consultant on issues facing contemporary Christianity who has worked with Steve Chalke on a number of publications. A graduate of The London School of Theology (formerly London Bible College) he is Distance Learning Tutor on their undergraduate course, The Theology of Paul and has contributed to their postgraduate MA in Aspects of Biblical Interpretation. He lives in Bristol with his wife Kay.
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