ColdFusion Web Development with Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004

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April 2004



* Competitively priced, comprehensively illustrated, with in-depth "real world" applied content. There are only 2 other books that approach this subject matter, and our book is more concise, practical, and reaches a more advanced level that than the others. All source code for examples and case study will be openly available for download from www.apress.com.

* In-depth final case study - in the final chapter we explore the planning, design, and implementation of an entire fully working website, using all of the code, concepts, and techniques learnt in earlier chapters. This highly applied look at integrating ColdFusion and Dreamweaver in a complete project unifies all of the concepts learnt and takes our book above and beyond the competitors, which rely heavily on theory and small isolated examples.

* The authors (in Particular Jen deHaan, Massimo Foti and Simon Horwith) are highly experienced and renowned members of the Dreamweaver and ColdFusion web communities.


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Jen & Peter deHaan
Jen deHaan is a freelance web designer/developer based in Calgary. She has been involved in writing, contributing to, or editing many computer books on Flash, ActionScript, digital video, and ColdFusion in 2002. She has co-authored three books on ActionScript for friend of ED: Flash MX Designer's ActionScript Reference, ActionScript Zero to Hero, and Flash MX Most wanted Components. She was also a co-author of the ColdFusion Developer's Handbook published by Sybex. Jen was a contributor and technical editor for six books published by Wiley and has several new titles in the works for 2003.
Edoardo Zubler
Edoardo Zubler is a multimedia developer who specializes in creating rich media applications for a wide range of devices and platforms. He has produced both front end and back end solutions for Tablet PCs, Set Top Boxes, and handheld PDAs. During his career he has been involved in pioneering projects such as the development and implementation of a content repurposing system based on Macromedia Generator for the first regular digital terrestrial (DVB-t) data broadcasting service in Europe. He has developed many Flash based rich client applications for fixed and mobile devices. As Team Macromedia Volunteer, Edoardo has written several articles and developed a number extensions for many Macromedia products including "FlashBang!" with Joseph Lowery. He also runs Aftershape.com, his own personal website, where he showcases his "digital oddities".
Simon Horwith
Simon Horwith, senior consultant at Fig Leaf Software in Washington DC, has been using ColdFusion since version 1.5. He is a Macromedia-certified Advanced ColdFusion and Flash developer and is a Macromedia-certified instructor. In addition to administering the CFDJ-List List Serve and presenting at DC area CFUGs, Simon is a contributing author to several books on ColdFusion and writes a monthly column in ColdFusion Developer's Journal.
Massimo Foti
Massimo Foti began using Dreamweaver on the very day the first beta was available, and he has used Dreamweaver ever since. Massimo has been a prolific extension developer since the pioneering days of Dreamweaver 1. He is the creator of http://www.massimocorner.com, and winner of the Macromedia Best Extension Developer award in 2000 and Top New Extension award for Dreamweaver MX. He also co-founded http://www.dwteam.com. His extensions are featured on the Macromedia Exchange for Dreamweaver and have been featured in many books and magazines. A Team Macromedia Member for Dreamweaver, he is a certified Dreamweaver developer and certified Advanced ColdFusion developer

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