The Evaluation Handbook for Health Professionals

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April 2002



"The Evaluation Handbook" is an easy-to-use resource encouraging an evidence-based approach to practice, providing guidelines on how to design and evaluate an intervention, examples of good practice, reliable and easy-to-use measures, and advice on how to work effectively. It illustrates how simple evaluation methods can help to break down the divisions between research and practice and how more practitioners can apply such methods to improve the quality of care as well as the treatments and services which they offer their patients and clients.


Part I 1 Introduction 2 Inequalities in Health 3 Evidence-based Healthcare 4 Effectiveness and Evaluation in Practice - Which is Right? Part II 5 An Introduction to Evaluation 6 Evaluation Interventions 7 Working Through an Evaluation - Structure 8 Working Through an Evaluation - Process 9 Working Through an Evaluation - Outcome Part III 10 Evaluation Techniques in 'Practice' Settings 11 Structured Evaluation 12 Process Evaluation 13 Outcome Evaluation 14 Glossary


'A valuable addition to any grade of nurse undergoing studies in a variety of areas ... Can be used as a tool of self-evaluation as well as the evaluation of ideas and changes in the work environment.' - Journal of Neonatal Nursing
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