Kittens For Dummies

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From the world renowned "Dummies" series comes a fun, easy guide suitable for all new kitten owners.


Part I: Your Companion for Life.
Chapter 1: Getting the Lowdown on Owning a Kitten.
Chapter 2: Choosing the Right Kitten for You.
Chapter 3: Buying a Registered Kitten.
Chapter 4: Adopting a Random-Bred or Special Needs Kitten.
Part II: Preparing for and Bringing Home Your Kitten.
Chapter 5: Making Your Kitten Comfy.
Chapter 6: Welcome Home, Kitty!
Chapter 7: Providing a Meal Fit for a Kitten King.
Part III: Caring for Your Kitten.
Chapter 8: Out of Harm's Way: Ensuring Your Kitten's Safety.
Chapter 9: Recognizing Common Illnesses and Diseases.
Chapter 10: An Ounce of Prevention.
Chapter 11: Cleanliness Is Next to Catliness.
Chapter 12: I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane: What Should I Do?
Part IV: Kitten Psychology: Understanding Your Furry Friend.
Chapter 13: What Did You Meow? Understanding Felinese.
Chapter 14: Managing Behavior Problems.
Chapter 15: Keeping Your Kitten Entertained and Out of Trouble.
Part V: Welcoming the Unplanned Kitten.
Chapter 16: Rescuing an Older Kitten in Need.
Chapter 17: Critical Care for Orphans.
Chapter 18: Combating Health and Behavior Concerns Common to Orphans.
Chapter 19: All Grown Up: What Should I Do?
Part VI: The Part of Tens.
Chapter 20: Ten Common Kitten Emergencies and How to Deal with Them.
Chapter 21: Ten Ways to Bond with Your Kitten.Index.


Dusty Rainbolt is Product Reviewer for Catnip, former Product Editor for Whole Cat Journal, and an award-winning writer. She became involved in kitten rescue in 1986 when she cared for an abandoned pregnant cat. She found homes for mom and the kittens but kept her two favorites: Chani and Wretched. She had no idea that one act of kindness would later bless her with a career writing about cats. She and her husband, Weems, have been raising orphans ever since. In a small way they also helped elevate the Turkish Van breed to championship status in the Cat Fanciers' Association.


"A huge amount of information." (Birmingham Post, Monday 19th November 2007)
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