The Python Language Reference Manual

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September 2003



This manual is the definitive language reference for Python. It describes the syntax of Python and its built-in datatypes. Python is an interpreted object-oriented programming language, suitable for rapid application development and scripting. This is a printed edition of the official Python Language Reference Manual from the Python 2.5 distribution (updated November 2006). For each copy sold $1 is donated to the Python Software Foundation by the publisher. This manual covers advanced topics, and is intended as a reference for readers who need a detailed description of Python's language syntax and object system. A tutorial suitable for those new to Python is available in the companion volume "An Introduction to Python" (ISBN 0954161785).


1. Publisher's Preface 2. Introduction 3. Lexical analysis 4. Data model 5. Execution model 6. Expressions 7. Simple statements 8. Compound statements 9. Top-level components 10. History and License 11. Index


Guido van Rossum is the inventor of Python. Fred L. Drake, Jr. is the official editor of the Python documentation.

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