ACTA Numerica 2003: Volume 12

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September 2003



Acta Numerica surveys annually the most important developments in numerical mathematics and scientific computing. The subjects and authors of the substantive survey articles are chosen by a distinguished international editorial board to report the most important and timely developments in a manner accessible to the wider community of professionals with an interest in scientific computing. Acta Numerica volumes have proved to be a valuable tool not only for researchers and professionals wishing to develop their understanding of numerical techniques and algorithms but also for instructors needing an advanced teaching aid.


1. Meshless methods Ivo Babuvska and John Osborn; 2. Viscosity methods Bernardo Cockburn; 3. Computational optics Bjorn Engquist and Olof Runborg; 4. Model reduction methods Roland Freund; 5. Computational financial mathematics Jonathan Goodman; 6. Automatic differentiation Andreas Griewank; 7. Numerical geometric integration Ernst Hairer, Christian Lubich and Gerhard Wanner; 8. Numerical stability theory for PDEs Eitan Tadmor.


Previous books by this editor: Acta Numerica 1992 - 2002 (Vols 1 - 11); as author: First Course in the Numerical Analysis of Differential Equations (0521 553768), Approximation Theory and Optimization (0521 581907)


Review of the hardback: 'Acta Numerica is a fine achievement and I think we can expect to see it for many years to come. It sets itself laudable and important goals and has, to a large extent, achieved them. I believe that the volumes are of enormous benefit to our subject ... The editorial board should be applauded for having the vision and drive necessary to create and sustain such a high quality publication ... No mathematics library is complete without this annual publication, and I urge everyone working in numerical mathematics and scientific computing to read it.' Andrew Stuart, SIAM Review Review of the hardback: 'The quality of exposition and editing is extremely high.' Z. Angew, Math. Mech
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