Mathematics in the Primary School

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Mai 1989



National Curriculum guidelines emphasise knowledge, understanding and skills. The author, an internationally recognised authority, provides teachers with a clear explanation of these principles, and explains the relation between understanding and skills, and describes their application to the teaching of mathematics. The book contains numerous activities to show how mathematics can be learnt in the primary classroom with understanding and enjoyment, including: * formation of mathematical concepts * construction of knowledge * contents and structure of primary mathematics


Prologue: Relational Understanding and Instrumental Understanding Part I 1. Why is Mathematics Still a Problem Subject for So Many? 2. Intelligence and Understanding 3. The Formation of Mathematical Concepts 4. The Construction of Mathematical Knowledge 5. Understanding Mathematical Symbolism Part II 6. Making a Start 7. The Contents and Structure of Primary Mathematics 8. Management for Intelligent Learning 9. Emotional Influences on Learning 10. Continuing Professional Development
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