Children's Understanding of Disability

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Children's Understanding of Disability is a valuable addition to the debate surrounding the integration of children with special needs into ordinary schools. Taking the viewpoint of the children themselves, it explores how pupils with severe learning difficulties and their non-disabled classmates interact. Ann Lewis examines what happens when non-disabled children and pupils with severe learning difficulties work together regularly over the course of a year. She also includes the views of children working in segregated special education. From her findings, she draws implications for developing an inclusive ethos in schools and other communities.


1. Setting the scene 2. Views of children in segregated special education 3. Moving towards an inclusive ethos 4. Working together - the Link 7 project 5. Working together - the Link 11 project 6. end of the year - the impact of the link project 7. Conclusions and implications


"Educational and developmental psychologists, regular and special education teachers, and those interested in naturalistic evaluation procedures will find this book of interest. The book represents an often overlooked viewpoint and consequently an important contribution to the resolution of the controversy about whether fully included educational services are valuable to the children they are presumed to be serving.."
-"Child Development, Jan. 1997
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