Raising Happy Children

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März 2004



A parenting book, that is a synthesis of research from a wide range of world-renowned professionals, together with the experiences of real parents and children. It provides thought-provoking and helpful advice that has helped thousands of parents through the tough problems, contentious issues and crucial questions faced by everyone with children.


Jan Stimpson has been a leading counsellor for Parentline Plus for over 10 years. She now works with families privately through Peter King Lewis Family Practice and www.daisychainparents.co.uk. She is the mother of two sons. Jan Parker is a former Guardian journalist and writer and mother of three.


WHAT THE PROFESSIONALS SAY: Will appeal to parents who look beyond instruction manuals and who want to give their children the best possible childhood. -- Penny Cunynghame, health visitor Tackles the thorny question of discipline in a way that respects the needs of both children and parents. -- Eileen Hayes, NSPCC ...insight, support and real solutions. I couldn't recommend it enough. -- Mary MacLeod, National Family and Parenting Instit WHAT THE PARENTS SAY: 'One of the nicest and most helpful books I have ever read.' 'Covers almost every subject a parent needs the answer to' 'Helps me practically and emotionally on the stuff that really happens in my family.' 'It treats parents as intelligent life forms. I couldn't recommend it enough.' 'Love it. Need it'
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Untertitel: What Every Child Needs Their Parents to Know - From 0 to 11 Years. illustrations. Sprache: Englisch.
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