Catering Like a Pro: From Planning to Profit

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April 2004



Features information and how-to advice. This book contains recipes and ideas for creating theme events and dramatic experiences, and explains the catering industry from the bottom up. It is intended as a resource for those thinking about starting a catering business.


FOREWORD.PREFACE.1. The Client-Centered Approach to Catering.2. Defining and Achieving Your Goals.3. Learning from the Pros.4. Setting Up Your Business.5. Managing an Event from Introduction to Conclusion.6. The Staff and Subcontractors.7. Choosing a Location.8. Nonfood Supplies.9. Food Safety and Sanitation.10. Menus.11. Recipe File.12. Beverages.APPENDIX A: HOW TO FIND ALL THE HELP YOU NEED: RESOURCE DIRECTORIES FOR THE PROFESSIONAL CATERER.APPENDIX B: PUBLIC SERVICE PERISHABLE FOOD DISTRIBUTION.GENERAL INDEX.RECIPE AND MENU INDEX.


FRANCINE HALVORSEN is a graduate of Columbia University and President of Studio Foods, which develops new food products for the gourmet consumer market. Well known for her stylish catering and distinctive events, she has also coached numerous start-up food entrepreneurs.
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