Univers Revolved

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What if we had a 21st-century alphabet to go with our 21st-century brains? Designer and art director Ji Lee updates our ancient letterforms with a three-dimensional typeface that he calls "Univers Revolved, using a 3-D computer modeling program to create letters and manipulate them in space. As in any reading primer, he begins with simple words and moves on to sentences and then stories and poems, all arrayed in dizzying arrangements that are challenging and fun to decipher.
These sleek word puzzles reawaken in us a childlike sense of discovery that the strange shapes of the alphabet form meaningful messages. Whether viewed as a collection of newly invented puzzles (with an insert providing solutions), a feast of dazzlingly beautiful designs, or an invitation to rethink the way we experience reading in our everyday lives, "Univers Revolved is an entirely new concept in book publishing.


Currently a teacher at Parsons School of Design as well as freelance art director and designer in New York, Ji Lee is an accomplished and recognized young designer. His work has been featured in Abbott Miller's Dimensional Typography, and was highlighted in the special technology issue of the New York Sunday Times Magazine. Born in Seoul, Korea, he moved with his family to Sao Paolo, Brazil as a young boy before coming to New York to study design at Parsons. After stints at top design firms such as Franfurt Balking and Tsang and Seymore, Lee was a finalist in the Saatchi and Saatchi Innovation in Communication award competition. He has worked as Art Director for Saatchi & Saatchi, New York, for the past four years. His work will also be appearing in 10X10 Design, forthcoming from Phaidon.
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Untertitel: A Three-dimensional Alphabet. 64 illustrations. Sprache: Englisch.
Verlag: Abrams
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