Japanese Women Working

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April 1995



"Japanese Women Working" provides a wide range of perspectives on the study of working women in Japan in the twentieth century. The contributors--including historians, economists, anthropologists and management specialists from both Japan and the Western world--address issues of state policy toward and management of working women, and at the same time also provides accounts of the experiences of particular groups of workers: domestic staff, hospital workers, textile workers, miners, homeworkers and professional housewives.
The essays in this volume span a period of rapid economic change in Japan and examine the country in its developing and its industrialized state, demonstrating the importance of the overall economic environment as well as cultural factors in determining women's positions in the labor market.


"Dr. Hunter's introduction to this fascinating collection of papers provides an excellent overview of the history and development of women's issues since the Meiji Restoration, and also puts them in an international context. This book is . . . part of the response in the West to the need for material in English to be available so that Japan can be included in comparative studies of history, economics, gender studies, etc. Japan is too important a world player not to appear in these studies, but the necessary material has until recently been inaccessible to all but a few specialist Western researchers. This book is one of those designed to fill the gap and it does so very successfully."
-Lydia Gomersall, "Proceedings of The Japan Society
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