Handling Tough Job Interviews: Be Prepared, Perform Well, Get the Job

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Juni 2004



Covers all kinds of interview, from recruitment agencies and headhunters to employer and human resources.


1. The interview process; 2. Interviews with recruitment agencies; 3. Interviews with head hunters; 4. Employer interviews; 5. Personnel/HR and senior management interviews; 6. Assessment centres; 7. Psychometric tests; 8. Interviews and meetings to discuss offers; 9. Answering tough questions; 10. Competency-based questions


'takes you step-by-step though the recruitment process and gives useful advice on interviews with senior management, dealing with psychometric tests; and discussing and agreeing the job offer.' Office Secretary "It covers all kinds of interview from recruitment agencies and headhunters to employer and human resources." Phoenix 'The book gives a wealth of sound advice, including good hints on how to make the right impression, the best questions to ask, how to approach negotiating a salary, taking a psychometric test and how you should treat a regular interview differently from one with a recruitment agency or a head-hunter.' Sesame, Open University magazine
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