Towards a New Paradigm in Monetary Economics

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A pioneer treatment of monetary economics written by two of world's leading authorities.


Introduction; Part I. Theory: 1. Reflections on the current state of monetary economics; 2. How finance differs; 3. The ideal banking system; 4. Restricted banking; 5. Market equilibrium; 6. From the corn economy to the monetary economy; 7. Towards a general equilibrium theory of credit; Part II. Applications: 8. Monetary policy; 9. Regulatory policy and the new paradigm; 10. Financial market liberalization; 11. Restructuring the banking sector; 12. Regional downturns and development of monetary policy; 13. The East Asia Crisis; 14. The 1991 US recession and the recovery; 15. The new paradigm and the new economy; 16. Concluding remarks.


Professor of Economics, Stanford University and Senior Research Fellow of Brookings Institution. Formerly Senior Vice President and Chief Economist at World Bank. Professor of Finance, Columbia Business School.


'... recommended reading for all monetary economists and practitioners alike.' International Affairs 'Overall this is an excellent contribution to our understanding of the functioning of modern financial markets. It will become essential reading for students, researchers, practitioners and policy-makers with an interest in the behaviour of monetary and financial systems.' Journal of International Development
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