Cities and the Creative Class

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Dezember 2004



Florida outlines how certain cities succeed in attracting members of the "creative class"--the millions of people who work in information-age economic sectors and in industries driven by innovation and talent. He explains what cities need to do to have a chance at success.


Acknowledgements Chapter 1: The Creative Capital Theory Part I: The People Economy Chapter 2: Competing in the Age of Talent Chapter 3: The Economic Geography of Talent Part II: Creativity and Diversity Chapter 4: Bohemia and Economic Geography Chapter 5: Technology and Tolerance Part III: Place and the New City Chapter 6: Cities and the Creative Class Chapter 7: Rebuilding Lower Manhattan for the Creative Age


Richard Florida is the Hirst Professor in George Mason University's School of Public Policy and a non-resident Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution. He lives in Washington DC.


"Florida and others are changing the American urban agenda. This is a guidebook to the new knowledge-based economy. He mines the best available research to lay out powerful new policy options. No wonder he is in such demand." - Terry Nichols Clark, Professor of Sociology and Coordinator of the Fiscal Austerity and Urban Innovation Project, University of Chicago
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