Blistering Barbecues: Over 150 Recipes from the Al Fresco Heroes

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November 2005



Britain's finest gourmet barbecuers recreate all their remarkable recipes for the domestic home. Full-colour photos and a detailed cooking guide. "Blistering Barbecues cooked in my garden this summer and I long for an excuse to book them again" Nigella Lawson


The company of choice for those who love outdoor eating and who want fantastic food. Tim Reeves, one-time record producer, and Nigel Tunnicliff, a chef of worldwide experience, teamed up at the Glastonbury Festival and by 1998 had formed what was to become the UK's hottest catering company, Blistering Barbecues. Kate Tunnicliff runs a successful catering company and is a well-regarded cookery writer. Together, the three of them have written probably the best book on outdoor cooking yet published.
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