Inside Out: Inverse Problems and Applications

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Februar 2015



Leading experts in the theoretical and applied aspects of inverse problems offer extended surveys on several important topics.


Preface; 1. Introduction to the mathematics of computed tomography Adel Faridani; 2. The attenuated X-ray transform: recent developments David V. Finch; 3. Inverse acoustic and electromagnetic scattering theory David Colton; 4. Inverse problems in transport theory Plamen Stefanov; 5. Near-field tomography P. Scott Carney and John C. Schotland; 6. Inverse problems for time harmonic electrodynamics Petri Ola, Lassi Paivarinta and Erkki Somersalo; 7. Microlocal analysis of the X-ray transform with sources on a curve David Finch, Ih-Ren Lan, and Gunther Uhlmann; 8. Microlocal analysis of seismic inverse scattering Maarten V. de Hoop; 9. Sojourn times, singularities of the scattering kernel and inverse problems Vesselin Petkov and Luchezar Stoyanov; 10. Geometry and analysis in many-body scattering Andras Vasy; 11. A mathematical and deterministic analysis of the time-reversal mirror Claude Bardos.


Review of the hardback: 'It's a perfect introduction for students who want to learn the basic techniques with mathematical rigor and in a mathematical language ... the book is admirably clear and does a good job in motivating the reader ... It's safe to say that Uhlmann's book is a fingerpost in mathematical imaging for some time to come.' Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society Review of the hardback: 'This collection will undoubtedly be very useful both to the researchers in the field and postgraduate students.' European Mathematical Society Newsletter Review of the hardback: 'This collection will be undoubtedly very useful to the researchers in the filed and postgraduate students as well.' EMS Nerwsletter
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