The DJ Chronicles - A Life Remixed

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November 2003



"As I stood at the faucet, I was caught by my own reflection in the mirror. At least I thought it was mine. I didn't recognize my own face. My cheeks were gaunt and pale; my eyes were bloodshot and there were dark circles under each one. Looking down, I realized that my belt went in two extra notches and my previously form-fitting shirt was draping over my wilting frame.

"'Way to go, Aaron,' I thought to myself. 'This time it's Eddie. Next time it'll be you.'"

Based on the true story of "America's Tallest DJ," AARON TRAYLOR, this book takes the reader inside the world of a legendary disc jockey. At 18, he reached the top of the charts as one of the most listened to DJs in a large American city. From corporate radio to dingy nightclubs and sweaty underground raves, a decade in the limelight brought little of the joy and glamour he expected, and much that he would later regret...failed relationships, the death of a friend, and empty dreams...

This is the story of a seeker of enlightenment through music alone...

Then one desperate day, a vision and a voice led him to his true calling.
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