Reformed Theology and Visual Culture: The Protestant Imagination from Calvin to Edwards

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William Dyrness explores the roots of Reformed theology from sixteenth-century Geneva to seventeenth and eighteenth-century Puritan New England. Though this tradition impeded development of particular visual forms, Dyrness argues that it encouraged others, especially in areas of popular culture and the order of family and community. Exploring the theology of Calvin and others, Dyrness demonstrates how the tradition created a new aesthetic of simplicity, inwardness and order to express underlying theological commitments.


1. Introduction: imagination, theology and visual culture; 2. Medieval faith and the ambiguity of sight; 3. John Calvin: seeing God in the preached word; 4. England and the visual culture of the reformation; 5. William Ames, John Cotton and seventeenth-century puritanism; 6. Seventeenth-century visual culture; 7. Jonathan Edwards: the world as image and shadow.


William Dyrness is Professor of Theology and Culture in the School of Theology at Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, California. He is the author of over a dozen books on theology and culture including The Earth is God: A Theology of American Culture (1997) and Visual Faith: Art, Theology and Worship in Dialogue (2001).


'... Dyrness does a good job.' Christian Marketplace 'A brief review of this book can do scant justice to its scholarship or its breadth of reference. As a general introduction, it will be a valuable tool for any reader seeking to understand more fully the intersection between popular culture and religious inspiration.' Church Times 'An important contribution to the complex history of the relationship between Christianity and art.' International Review of Biblical Studies 'This book is full of interesting asides and pointed readings of various texts and art works, but there is also a strong thesis here about the relationship of religion and art to popular culture.' Reviews in Religion and Theology '... a very rewarding book, which challenges deeply-held assumptions about the way in which Protestantism inhabits the world, and which opens up ways for those who come from that culture to appropriate a visual culture for ourselves.' Anvil '... a persuasive and stimulating reassessment of the relationship between Protestantism and the realm of the visual that will have significant implications for cultural historians and literary and art critics alike.' Journal of Ecclesiastical History 'This is a fascinating work.' Churchman
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