Uterine Fibroids: Embolization and Other Treatments

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November 2003



This 2003 book compares conventional surgical treatments for uterine fibroids with the emergence of uterine artery embolization.


1. Fibroids: epidemiology and an overview J. Goedken and J. A. Rock; 2. Histopathology of uterine leiomyomas C. V. Biscotti and T. Falcone; 3. Imaging of uterine leiomyomas G. Artho, C. Reinhold and I. Khalili; 4. Abdominal myomectomy J. S. Sanfilippo and M. Haggerty; 5. Laparoscopic management of uterine myoma D. S. Seidman, C. H. Nezhat, F. Nezhat and C. Nezhat; 6. Hysteroscopic myomectomy A. Gervaise and H. Fernandez; 7. Myomas in pregnancy L. P. Gago and M. Diamond; 8. Expectant and medical management of uterine fibroids C. Coddington III; 9. Hysterectomy for uterine fibroid. H. Al-Fozan and T. Tulandi; 10. History of embolization of uterine myoma J. H. Ravina; 11. Uterine artery embolization - vascular anatomic considerations and procedure techniques R. Worthington-Kirsch and L. A. Hughes; 12. Pain management during and after uterine fibroid embolization S. Vedantham and S. Goodwin; 13. Patient selection, indications and contra-indications F. L. Hutchins; 14. Results of uterine artery embolization B. McLucas; 15. Side effects of uterine artery embolization and prevention of complications G. Vilos; 16. Reproductive function after uterine artery embolization T. Tulandi; 17. Reasons and prevention of embolization failure B. McLucas; 18. Future of embolization and other therapies from gynecologic perspectives F. L. Hutchins; 19. The future of fibroid embolotherapy: a radiological perspective R. Worthington-Kirsch and W. J. Landow.
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