Alvis Three Litre in Detail 1950-67

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November 2003



From its launch in 1950 to its demise in 1967 the Alvis Three Litre enjoyed a deserved reputation for effortless performance, exceptional surefootedness and an irreproachable quality of construction. It was considered rather an exclusive car, was reassuringly traditional, yet never outdated, and developed a devoted following of discerning owners.


Birth of the Three Litre; A Design Realised; The TA21; The TB21; The TC21 and TC21/100; The TC108G; The TD21 Series I; The TD21 Series II; The TE21; The TF21; The Healey G Series; The TA350; Coachbuilders; Competitors; Specials; The Graber Mystique; Ownership Now; The Author and the Prototype.
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Untertitel: 'In Detail (Herridge & Sons)'. 70 colour photographs, 140 b&w photographs. Sprache: Englisch.
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