Early Intervention

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This reader covers current theory, research and practice in Early Intervention with young children, bringing together the best recent papers by prominent researchers in the field.
A collection of the best recent papers on Early Intervention.
Brings together current theory, research and practice in EI with young children.
Covers a range of topics in childhood development and intervention.
Each paper is introduced and contextualised by the editor.


Introduction. Part I: A Model of Early Intervention. . Part II: Out-of-home Programs: Primary Prevention of Cognitive Deficits and School Failure in At-risk Children. Part III: Secondary and Tertiary Prevention Programs for Children with Established Disabilities. Part IV: Home Visiting Programs: Primary and Secondary Prevention in At-risk Children. Part V. Family Aspects. Part VI. Future Directions. Index


Maurice A. Feldman is Professor in the Department of Child and Youth Studies, Brock University, St Catharines, Ontario, and a consultant to several service and governmental agencies.


"A fantastic book that provides further validation for the early intervention model. Readers who are not specialists in early intervention will find the theoretical review and its influence on practice particularly helpful. Experienced clinicians will gain new perspectives from the coverage of advances in intervention programs and the critique of research projects currently underway. Altogether, it is a well edited and integrated book, written in an accessible and balanced style that will have wide appeal. A great book!" Dr Sue McGaw, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Head of Special Parenting Service, Cornwall Partnership (NHS) Trust, UK "The strength of Early Intervention: The Essential Readings lies in bringing together in one place recent landmark studies in the field of early intervention. The breadth of the collection provides an excellent introduction for those new to early intervention; the depth will delight the discerning reader. I feel certain teachers from the many disciplines represented in early intervention will include this bookas their standard recommended reference text for years to come." Gwynnyth Llewellyn, PhD, Sesquicentenary Professor of Occupation and Leisure Sciences, University of Sydney, Australia "This collection provides the theoretical and empirical background that is essential reading for anyone who wants to be well informed about recent and current knowledge in the Early Intervention field, and makes an excellent supplement to a textbook or indeed could stand alone as the primary readings for a course on Early Intervention. The volume will be of great value to advanced undergraduate students, graduate students and direct care workers in the field." Peter Vietze, Ph.D., Institute for Basic Research in Developmental Disabilities, USA "Throughout the book effective relationships are drawn between theory and practice and the practical implications of various research studies identified. Many key issues facing early intervention programmes such as exaggerated expectations, quality assurance and best-fit models are teased-out and discussed, providing interesting food for thought." Aine de Roiste, Cork Institute of Technology, Ireland
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