Islam and the Challenge of Democracy

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"Dr. Abou El Fadl's essay is lucid, nuanced, and remarkably thorough given its brevity. The responses that accompany it are intellectually challenging, honest, and lively."--Sohail Hashmi, Mount Holyoke College""Islam and the Challenge of Democracy" not only educates readers about the central issues involved in the quest to develop Islamic democracies, it provides its own substantive contributions to that discourse and debate. The voices of Dr. Abou El Fadl and the other contributors are engaging and supremely relevant."--R. Scott Appleby, University of Notre Dame"For more than a century, Muslim intellectuals have made various attempts to offer a convincing reinterpretation of the Islamic tradition that is faithful both to Islamic religious belief and to the rationality inherent in the present age - the age of democratic modernity. This well-argued book is the latest contribution to this important project. Students and scholars alike will benefit from the fair and balanced treatment accorded to the debate over the compatibility of democratic values and Quranic teachings."--Abdolkarim Soroush, author of "Reason, Freedom, and Democracy in Islam."


Islam and the Challenge of Democracy by KHALED ABOU EL FADL 3 Responses Change from Within by NADER A. HASHEMI 49 Democracy and Conflict by JEREMY WALDRON 55 The Best Hope by NOAH FELDMAN 59 The Primacy of Political Philosophy by M. A. MUQTEDAR KHAN 63 The Importance of Context by A. KEVIN REINHART 69 Is Liberalism Islam's Only Answer? by SABA MAHMOOD 74 Popular Support First by BERNARD HAYKEL 78 Too Far from Tradition by MOHAMMAD H. FADEL 81 Revealed Law and Democracy by DAVID NOVAK 87 Practice and Theory by JOHN L. ESPOSITO 93 Islam Is Not the Problem by WILLIAM B. QUANDT 101 Reply KHALED ABOU EL FADL 109 Contributors 129 Index 131


Khaled Abou El Fadl is Professor of Law at the UCLA School of Law. His recent books include "The Place of Tolerance in Islam". Joshua Cohen is the Leon and Anne Goldberg Professor of the Humanities at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and coeditor of the "Boston Review". Deborah Chasman is coeditor of the "Boston Review".


"What El Fadl achieves in his short book is noteworthy primarily because he brings the concept of democracy home, literally, for the world's Muslims. By giving democracy a technical and legal basis in Islamic law, El Fadl provides it with a certificate of authentication that secular writers ... cannot."--Bezalel Stern, The Jerusalem Post "In a just world, Khaled Abou El Fadl would get as much publicity as Osama bin Laden and Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. Bin Laden and Zarqawi blow up buildings and slaughter fellow Muslims. Abou El Fadl blows up everything those two terrorists supposedly believe in."--Carlin Romano, Philadelphia Inquirer
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